Property Services Offered:

Type of Property and Paying a Holding Deposit

• Offers options to choose which type of property is most of interest, i.e. house, townhouse, apartment or condominium

• Informing about legal restrictions concerning ownership of different types of property.

• Preparation of the reservation agreement.

• Ensuring that the agreement contains a clause to stipulate that, should the property fail any due diligence checks and your appointed legal representative recommends that you do not proceed, your holding deposit is fully refundable.

Title Research and Conducting Due Diligence

• Conducting a search on the title and relevant documents of the land.

• Ensuring that a seller of the property have legal right of access and the seller have the proper legal rights to sell the property.

• Confirm the lack of further encumbrances, i.e. free from any mortgages, liens or debts.

• Inspection if the property is being sold with a company, if the company have any outstanding debts or tax liabilities.

• Verifying whether the property breach any regulations concerning real estate in Thailand.

• Conduct a physical inspection of the land or property.

Contract of Sale Preparations

• Verifying the content of the sales agreement.

• Providing insights on clauses on sales agreement.

• Negotiation and modifications as necessary to protect your interest.

Registration of Thai Limited Company

• Draft, review and registration of the Objectives and the Articles of Association;

• Obtain the Company Registration Certificate and Affidavit.

• Apply for Taxpayer Identification Number.

• Translate the company registration documents, such as the Certificate of Incorporation and the Articles of Association into English.

Transfer and Registration of Tittle

• Preparation of the documents and application form.

• Informing the approximate amount of money needed for the taxes and administrative fees that must be paid.

• Accompany at the Land Department if chooses to register personally to make sure your rights are protected or;

• Prepare a Power of Attorney that will allow you to appoint our firm or a third party to conduct the transfer at the Land Office on your behalf.