PPT Code # 02011 Suan Sawan – Sawan Gardens (Heavenly Gardens) in Nakhon Ratchasima
130,000,000.00 THB
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PPT Code # 02011
Land and House for sale
Suan Sawan – Sawan Gardens (Heavenly Gardens) in Nakhon Ratchasima

★ Brief Information

- Area: 32 rai 3 Ngam 82 Sqw.
- Price: THB 130,000,000
- GPS : 14.596569,101.492475
- view of mountains and downtown district, big group
- Sea fog, like the clouds - beautiful when winter comes.
- The land has been developed well in all aspects, such as Water system standard large enough for household use.
- Electrical transformer model 3 phase with a large private 100, Kve.
- Pavement width - 4 meters with drainage ditch around the farm. With illumination along the path.
- home workers / storage / equipment - tools to gardening - farming fully Such as truck - tractors - lawn mower.
- A house has been upgraded - dress beautiful landscape constantly with natural ingredients and aromatic plants Thai on grass green. To create the atmosphere and soft and smooth, relaxed. The large house is designed to be beautiful, unique
- Housing made with premium materials. Such as not a and rosewood brick and special order we produced for private use in particular.
- Fundamental structure strong large reinforced concrete quality than the standard that the engineer designers define.
- The president set high on the top of the hill stands magnificent with high space broader than the 250 square meters with wide wooden balcony 200 square meters. Open views around with large trees spread branches shade throughout the day.
- 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom , 1 hall, dining room, 1 kitchen room , relaxation room and entertainment, with wash room, maid's room.
- A set of teak furniture carved with delicate craftsmanship, several sets of production orders directly from the company Agal Furniture Company picture wall lamp, and beauty. (Moroccan Chandeliers Cut glass, Chandeliers) collect from abroad,. And decorations are difficult to find many items.
- Refrigerator freezer, kitchen utensils and kitchen - Thai – English
- The system Internet Wifi full coverage area. The phone - fax.
- A signal detection anti-theft Risco around the house.

* *The document is ready to transfer the deed.* *

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